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New Residential Construction

A New Residential Construction Process

Every residential home construction is a unique process based on the complexity and scope of the project. All sustainable house building processes follow specified principles and typical steps. They include the following.

  • Making a Firm Foundation


We begin the construction process by excavating the home site. Depending on the region we are building the home, the foundation will consist of the following.

  1. Slab construction: This includes underground plumbing installation and tying it up with the public sewer system.

  2. Block wall construction: We will lay a concrete block to create the foundation of your home. After that, we will apply waterproofing and pour the garage slab.

  3. Poured wall foundation: We will pour concrete and apply waterproofing into the foundation panels, among other activities.

  • Framing


At this stage, we will build walls, subfloor, and the roof structure. Later, we will shingle your roof, install windows and door units, and do the necessary backfilling.

  • Rough Mechanics


Rough mechanics involves electric, air conditioning, heating, and plumbing. This is the phase that is swarming with numerous activities in any new residential construction. We will mainly focus on plumbing and installing furnaces, switches, outlets, electric wiring, and ducts.

  • Drywall Phase


At this stage, we shall install drywall and apply texture inside. Later, we will insulate the ceilings and install outside bricks. We will also grade your home for drainage and prepare the driveway, walks, and patios.

  • Interior Finishing


On the interior finishing phase, our builders will install the countertops, stair rails, bath, medicine and kitchen cabinets, interior trims, and doors, among other essential features.

  • Final Touches


This is the final phase of residential home construction. We will paint both the interior and exterior of the home. After that, we will clean all the services, ensuring they are spackling clean. After this stage, the homeowner will be allowed to move in.

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