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Building Design

The first step of property investment is to secure a good site and the key point of successful investment is planning so make sure that you plan well. Each state, each council in Australia has different sets of rules for property development. A well- informed research should be done before you decide to put your names down during auction. Besides consulting your solicitor to read through your contract, you should contact us for a feasibility report to see what can be built on the site. If you are into property development long enough, you will realize that it is hard to find a perfect site that is free of problems. Some site has a big easement running across and some site has big old trees that it is hard to be removed. A general research into council controls can be done and a special inspection can be arranged for site with more problems. 

So what is next after you manage to secure your dream site? You generally have 42 days for settlement after signing your contract. You may even be able to negotiate for longer settlement time such as 3 months or even 6 months. Do not let any minute be wasted as this will increase your holding cost. You should contact us immediately to start on your design. We will try to incorporate all of your ideas into the project while ensuring that the design is complied with Council regulations. Being the builder himself, the Director will also provide constructive ideas on how to save cost from the design stage.

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