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Being an Architect, a Builder and a Property Developer ourselves, we have expertise to provide end to end solutions in all property development processes. We can either do it for you or we guide you through the process so you can be your own boss. This service is provided to all home owner builders or property investors who want to take the first step in property development. Our Services cover all aspects below

  • Feasibility Planning: wondering what you can do with a site even before buying it? This can be done through a feasibility report. A general research into council controls can be done and a special inspection can be arranged for site with more problems. We can even give you an estimated cost schedule so you can have a rough idea how much it costs you to develop the project

  • Design: being a builder ourselves, we are able to provide constructive ideas on how to save cost from the design stage.

  • Authority submission: we will help you to obtain various authority submissions such as CDC, DA and CC.

  • Construction: we will ensure that the built is to the level of standard and quality that you desire.

  • Project Management: when you want to build your own house, we will provide a helping hand to guide you through the whole building process to make it as smooth sailing as possible

  • Plan Registration: registering the title with Land Title office is normally quite straightforward. However, there are many steps involved in advanced especially when you are in rush for time to sell your property. We will assist you to coordinate with the required parties such as the surveyor, the bank and the valuer.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any specific need.

Building Design

We will work with you to create an architectural design that suits your need and style.

Council Submission

We will obtain all permits needed prior to construction such as Development Consent and Construction Certificate


We will build your house just like our own with high level of quality

Project Management

We will lend you a helping hand when you want to take charge of your own development

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